Aurganic - Deviations Album Review

Deviations cover itunes.jpg

“Aurganic” are two long-time friends based in Toronto/ New York who originally started in local punk rock bands together. The duos taste changed with the years, they now boast an alternative/ electronic mix using an exciting blend of synths, keys, guitars, bass, and vocals engineered through masterful programming. With a touch of an alternative rock feeling, fans of “Incubus” and “Muse” will see the guys’ new album "Deviations" released on September 24th, 2013 mixed into their favourite playlist.

The layered sounds are well composed to compliment the emotive and frequently hidden dark lyrics. Many tracks begin with an extensive instrumental that sets the tone. Overall the new album is creative, using innovative production to generate an expressive narrative. However with 4-7 minutes of continuous sound, occasionally it lacks the words to drive the overall intent.

All-in-all, a pretty great "Aurganic" sound...pardon the pun.

Best track: Choices


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