#NRMPresents 'SATURDAY.' A Short Film About The Hillsborough Disaster


From the most dedicated of Liverpool fans to those who don't watch football, everyone is aware of the Hillsborough disaster of 1989.  Of the 24,000+ fans who travelled to Sheffield that day, 96 never came home. 'SATURDAY' aims to tell the story of this tragic event from a unique perspective.

This well-documented event has always been conveyed from the perspective of a spectator at the match; someone who is in the moment.  However, no thought has been given to the 24,000 families at home, watching these events unfold on television, praying their loved ones are okay.  It's a tense moment, that writer/director Mike Forshaw wishes to encapsulate.

"Our purpose is to create a film that spreads awareness of the tragedy, whilst not being a ‘football fan film’. Saturday is about community, and how different members of a family experienced a devastating day," Hannah Goodwin-Hayward, film production team member, commented.

'SATURDAY' tells the story of Liam, an eight-year-old boy who is watching this game (and the imminent disaster) unfold at his family home on TV, while big brother Mark is at the game.  The shock and anxiety of not knowing how a family member is in such a harrowing time, taking into account the lack of mobile phones and communication at this time.

The disaster itself will be played out, rather interesting, with a parallel between the two situations. Liam is playing a game (in his brother's liverpool shirt) with his mates, when he gets injured in a "pile on."  This humourous crushing by all his friends causes his nose to bleed on his brother's shirt...maybe this is a close connection to what Mark is experiencing?  Returning home, he sees Mum and Dad in tears, shocked at what they just saw and terrified for the safety of Mark.  

Is he alive?  Of course they don't reveal that!  Currently, the Kickstarter project for this stands at £3,139 out of £24,000, and I do hope they continue to pursue this project regardless of whether they hit their target, as it sounds amazing!

'SATURDAY' is planned for release next year, marking the 25th anniversary of Hillsborough.