Welcome To New Rising Media

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Two years have passed since we launched New Rising Media, and all of it has led to this.   Welcome to the new website: clean, simple, responsive.

If this is your first time here, then you've come to the right place.  There's plenty of new features for you to sink your teeth into, and you're going to need a tour guide!  

To those who have been here since the first website, we've kept everything structurally similar; but have added a ton of functionality, so you're best taking a look as well.


Everything we create in one place, split into hubs for a reading experience built just for you. The site has undergone a complete overhaul from top to bottom. From the flat design ethic and choice of typography, to the striking minimalism and responsive build (yes, the website finally works on smartphones), you're in for a treat.

All of the stories on the homepage are split into hubs by the various topics we cover, giving you control over what content you see. No more muscling through a sea of stories to find our music coverage. It's all here, ready for you to consume what you want, when you want.

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Those familiar with New Rising Media will know we cover a lot of different events, and have plenty more coming soon!  But beyond those we can cover, we know about plenty of gigs, film premieres, expos, festivals and parties that would be perfect for you, our readers, to come along to.  

With that in mind, introducing our events page: your one-stop-shop for something to get out the house and do.

Great for readers, and perfect for promoters too! If you know of any great events, or are running one yourself, get in touch and we'll stick it up. 

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A picture tells a thousand words; but what about a thousand pictures on one page? Welcome to the galleries.

We find some great art pieces, photography projects, and love to show them off to the world.  Here is where you'll get your fix, alongside all the latest stories in picture form!  Be sure to also look on here after any events we attend, as our photographers will upload every last picture on here.



With the story pages, we elected to pull back any distractions and focus on the content.  Social buttons have all been compacted into a handy 'share' button at the bottom, images & text all flow responsively with the size of the screen you're reading on, and complimentary story links help you find where to go next.

For those looking to source our stories on their own blogs (good choice), we're licensed under a Creative Commons License so be sure to link back to us! 


German Researchers Build Robotic Ape. Skynet Meets Planet Of The Apes.png


With this new site, we can truly begin to answer the question that is the core principle of everything we do: what is new?

As cultural acceptance of both new & popular culture has homogenized, as well as access to means in which we can create culture, the ground has shifted. The revolutionary ideas, the game-changers, they not covered anywhere near enough in the press, and our mission is to change that.

Happy second Birthday to New Rising Media. Here's to a revolution!