#NRMPRESENTS 'Superhot.' Control Time In This Unique FPS Puzzler

superhot splash

 Imagine Braid  mixed with Mirror's Edge, plus a hint of Max Payne and The Matrix for good measure. The concoction created is not far off the unique nature of Superhot, a free FPS that was greenlit for Steam in just 5 days (a new record).

SUPERHOT 7 low res.png

To put it simply, time moves only when you move. The aforementioned Braid's time mechanic has been plugged straight into a shooter, making for a truly original challenge. You will have to plan a few steps ahead to ensure you can dodge bullets, reach your enemy and take him down. After this comes the task of taking out your foes, knowing your bullets are also affected by your time movement.

With mind-blowing complexity, made simple through a great control system, minimal visual design and big bold instructions, it's a fantastic idea that's been near-perfectly realised.

If you have not already clicked off to play this, please do.