#NRMPresents 'The True-View.' 3D Photos & Video On Your 2D Smartphone


 The classic View-Master is dragged into the 21st century with 'The True-View.' The 3D smartphone fad died a couple years ago, so what if you want the best of both worlds? That is where this pretty beautifully designed device comes in, allowing you to take 3D photos and videos on your 2D phone.

Created by Peter Brennan & The Pratley Company, the base contains a set of strategically placed mirrors to split the phone's camera lens into two images, allowing for full 3D capture capabilities. The viewing lenses are then tuned to the right magnification for a clear stereoscopic picture, just like the effect achieved at the cinema.

"Our goal with this project is to bring user-generated 3D content to the fingertips of anyone with a smartphone," Peter Brennan writes on the Kickstarter page.

'The True-View' has undergone proof-of-concept testing, and already has a full prototype. The £125,000 pledge budget is required for a few finer tweaks to perfect the product, and tooling for full-scale manufacturing.

true view description.jpg

"There are a number of ways to do this cheaply, the most obvious being to send the design files off to a factory in China and wait for them to deliver the product.  That's NOT how we're doing things.

"The prototype we have at present is a high quality rapid prototyped plastic, painstakingly put together by hand. There is a lot of detail that needs to go into the device, and we want to manufacture responsibly, by using recycled materials and techniques that are enviro-friendly.  This means we need to go out and meet with these factories face-to-face, and garner long-term, professional and personal relationships with the people who will be making this device."

True-View is compatible with both iOS and Android, on a select list of devices: 

true view compatability.jpg

With £2,564 at the time of writing this, which is only a few hours after this project was launched, time will tell whether this passion project for user-generated 3D content. 

Personally hope it does though.