Timesplitters Rewind Is In Development For Playstation 4

timesplitters rewind.jpg

Timesplitters is making a comback. A collection of maps, weapons and characters from the three previous titles in the series are being developed and released on Playstation 4, under the name of Timesplitters Rewind.

Project lead Michael Hubricka confirmed the news with CinemaBlend; but also laced this great announcement with potential pitfalls in the form of Crytek's legal department.  As the multiplayer title is powered by CryEngine 3, the team will need to obtain approval to release it on Sony's console.

"We're actually going to go ahead and start development [of Timesplitters Rewind] on PlayStation 4. Just because we're pretty confident Crytek's going to say go ahead and do it. But we don't want them saying go ahead and do it when we're caught with our pants down and we're like halfway through development and [then] start something for the PlayStation 4," he said.

"So we decided that since they released the SDK to allow us to do this, we're going to go ahead and do it ourselves, and when they say 'yes' or 'no' we can decide what to do with that. For now we're just going to go ahead and do it. So at least we're prepared".

Currently, Hubricka claims they are about 20% done with the game, with plans for a playable alpha later in the year.  

The excitement cannot be contained for the return of this, my favourite FPS

Source: CinemaBlend