#NRMPresents 'ION Glasses.' The Cheaper, Stylish Alternative To Google Glass


It may sound weird, but the idea of smart glasses actually looking like a standard pair of spectacles is a bit far-fetched. But ION Glasses take on Google Glass and the competition with a fairly traditional looking pair of hipster specs.

It may not have a display, but it's armed with Bluetooth 4.0, a multi-colour notification light, and a whole host of hardware features mounted around your temples. This makes for not only a stylish companion to your smartphone, but also a technologically strong one.

A pair of buttons on the right unlock access to a whole host of features, including taking pictures, video, or voice recordings. There's even a homing beacon, so you can find them easily if they go missing.

What's most impressive with all of this is the week-long battery life, and the price of $100 (roughly £62), making this a great accessory to your smartphone usage. It may not be in the same ballpark as Google Glass, given the lack of a display, but the price and feature set cuts this straight into the fight.