Gamecity 9: Day One.

gamecity 9 queue

A rather chilly Saturday morning kicked off GameCity 9, introducing Nottingham to a rather different festival than what has been considered the norm over the previous eight years.

Instead of the explosive kick off of old, such as PixelPyros at last year's opening night on the Market Square, the team have acquired some space in what used to be the old Connexions centre in Lace Market for a more subdued celebration of video gaming culture. 

What does this mean? While GameCity is not quite as you expect for the newcomer or someone familiar to the weeklong festivities, this feels more intimate. It seems to be an intricately planned gallery to the celebration of video games and their potential to bring people together. It's a great community effort, and I'd recommend you all jump in and experience this.

So far we have seen the games, introduced ourselves to all the great developers behind them, and had some insight into the making of of Lumino City: a fascinating handmade stop-motion game. Stay tuned throughout the week for more. 


Lumino City is a puzzle adventure game coming soon from State of Play. Three years in the making, it's handmade entirely out of paper, card, miniature lights and motors. Sequel to the award-winning game Lume, Lumino City begins where that game left off. Begin by exploring the city, and using your ingenuity piece together all sorts of puzzling mechanisms to help the people who live in its unique world. Discover gardens in the sky, towers marooned high on an immense waterwheel, and houses dug precariously into cliffs. To create the environment, a ten foot high model city was built by hand and by laser cutter, with each motor and light wired up individually, bringing the scenes to luminous life. See more on our site at