Tesco Cash Machine Offers 'Free Erections' To Welsh Speaking Users

Tesco made some adjustments to their Express branch in Aberystwyth, mounting a sign in the regional Welsh language that says "Codiad am Ddim." While the sentiment is there to be accessible for all, the sign promises more than the store can deliver as it actually translates to 'Free Erection.'

Posted by Councillor Ceredig Davies on Facebook, many people have suspected this to be deliberate because it has certainly earned a great amount of national press for a local store opening. However for others, it's just a case of redefining the words 'insert, withdraw, leave.'

"Welsh speakers would spot it immediately, for those not blessed with heaven's language. 'Codiad am Ddim' translates colloquially as 'Free Erection'," the post reads. Turns out you don't have to go too far for that kind of 'hole in the wall.'