Microsoft's 'RoomAlive' Turns Your Living Room Into A Video Game Level

Remember last year's Kinect concept 'IllumiRoom'? Microsoft Research are back with their next iteration of this technology named 'RoomAlive,' which turns the whole room into an augmented-reality game through the power of multiple Kinect systems and projectors.

Make no mistake about it, expanding your field of vision beyond the borders of your TV with 'Illumiroom' was an impressive show of technological prowess, but the complexity of 'RoomAlive' does make this seem somewhat basic. While this is only in the research stage, this brings a new layer of immersion by allowing the player to directly interact with the environment that's rendered across the entire room.

No matter how awesome this glorified game of whack-a-mole using a gun peripheral might look, let's put into perspective and say something like this is most definitely going to cost a fairly large amount of money. Six kinect sensors and a multitude of projectors combined with RoomAlive's software makes for a seriously sophisticated setup, but it does show Microsoft's future intent for UI, which demonstrates a bright future.

What do you think to this as the future of game interaction?