3 Situations Where Indiana Jones Would've Died In Real Life

I know that Indiana Jones kicking the bucket is a situation no-one likes to imagine, but let's be honest: Harrison Ford, for all intents and purposes, is indestructible. Whether he is falling from death-defying heights or dodging traps that would spell certain doom, he always seems to get out without any serious injury.

However, there are 3 particular moments in the 4 adventures where he should definitely have met his maker.

1. That boulder would have caught up with him.

Indiana Jones turns into Usain Bolt, as he escapes the boulder in this classic scene. Let's think realistically about this: he's carrying the weight of an ancient artifact, he is in no way dressed in the appropriate footwear for a sprint and the boulder is on a steep downhill trajectory. This puts gravity, terrain and weight all in favour of a wafer thin Harrison Ford.

2. He chose poorly after all in The Last Crusade

So let me get this straight... The greatest explorer in the world is going to trust a 500+ year old man and choose one of a selection of dodgy cups of water, to hopefully pick one that is allegedly blessed with eternal life? The amount of waterborne diseases caused by microorganisms replicating inside a sealed tomb for almost a millennium is ridiculous.

Plus the knight is rather lame for not at least giving a clue.

3. Surviving a nuclear blast in a fridge. Seriously?


Every time I type the words "Indiana Jones survives a nuclear blast by climbing into a fridge," I die a little inside. 

After stumbling upon a reconstruction of a 1950s suburban town, built for the purpose of nuclear testing, Indy turns to see the fridge and climbs in it. With a sly close-up reference to the fridge being 'lead-lined' we're off to the races, as we watch the fridge catapulted into the air and brought back down to Earth in quite a violent manner. 

And then he emerges, without an injury and to the sheer laughter of the entire movie-going audience. This forms up the only remotely entertaining scene in the film, followed by a further two hours of dull cinematography.

Harrison Ford? More like Harrison Bored.

Can you think of anymore? Drop them in the comments.