Play As Kim Jong Un And Take Down Sony For Making 'The Interview' In 'Glorious Leader!'

Chances are you've already heard the news surrounding North Korean hackers taking down Sony and forcing them to axe the release of The Interview. What would happen if Kim Jong Un took matters into his own hands and turned Rambo on the world? With that in mind, allow me to introduce Glorious Leader!

Developed by Moneyhorse, this 2d side-scrolling shooter combines Metal Slug and Team America into a successful Steam Greenlight project. In light of recent events, a second round of funding can't do any harm. This 16-bit run and gun puts you in the shoes of the leader of North Korea as he unleashes hell upon America in a set of rather hilarious-yet-culturally relevant levels including Pynogyang, USS Bush and a bonus level based on the infamous happenings of Sony.

"Many have speculated over how the Glorious Leader can be harmed by man-made weapons. The short answer: basketball," the team wrote in their Kickstarter, talking about the story. "The Kim dynasty has always been fascinated by the imperialist's only beneficial contribution to the world, but they have never been able to participate because of their godlike powers."

The project has already been greenlit on Steam, but with $4,482 already collected in a short amount of time (and a feature on Fox News), expect this to go far, ironically supported by the capitalist pigs who would've gone to see The Interview. A win-win situation for North Korea