Police To Publicly Name And Shame Drink-Drivers On Twitter This Christmas


To combat the rising number of drink-drivers around Christmas, Sussex and Surrey police will share the names of people convicted on Twitter.

Run jointly by both Police departments, alongside various safe driving organisations and Crimestoppers, anyone ordered to appear in court on suspicion of drink or drug-driving will have their name and details of their offence tweeted to the public.

The intent of this campaign boils down to a few simple missions: illustrate the scale of drink driving over Christmas, deter people from driving under the influence through the threat of public shaming and for those who do, stop their friends and family from doing the same through the viral nature of Twitter.

This could make for an interesting viral campaign, which will definitely put fear in people to abide by the law in future. But can see the risk of publicly exposing names next to crimes amongst the local public. 

We'll be interested to see how this turns out.

Image Source: West Midlands Police, Flickr