2015 May Not Be What 'Back To The Future' Predicted, But I'm Excited

If we were to judge what to expect from 2015 by 'Back To The Future,' it would be fair for anyone to say it's going to be a bit naff.

Don't wish for Mattel hoverboards and flying cars on every street. No point expecting self-drying jackets or auto-tying Nikes anytime soon. However, in the year that is just as far away from 2030 as it is from 2000 (making me feel so ridiculously old), we are set for plenty of excitement.

I set New Rising Media up to write about everything that fascinates us as human beings in the most detail-obsessive way possible, coining the term "nerd journalism." This meant keeping our metaphorical fingers on the pulse of everything new and undiscovered to bring you what nobody else is. While the site fell quiet for months at a time due to moving into a new flat amongst other personal situations that changed who I am as a person, this kind of reporting has been our formula for over three years. And while it's foolish to try and fix what isn't broken, it's becoming very commonplace. 

There is no New Year's resolution for the site or for myself, but rather a belief I lost sight in and am beginning to recollect with every day passed: "recognise your true value and live for nothing less." The value of what I do here simply cannot be matched: the fascination of discovering something nobody else has, the determination of writing every last detail about it, and the amazing feeling of accomplishment from watching the pageviews and social interactions.

What has become abundantly clear through thinking about this statement is that the value I receive is directly linked to you, the people who take their time to see what is happening on New Rising Media. Apologies for sounding like any generic music act on the big stage, but this site would be nothing without you, so allow me to make the most heartfelt "thank you" for taking precious minutes out of the life you have on this planet to check us out.

So what promises am I making? None. Promises will lead me down an alley that may not be worth taking in a month's time with the fast moving pace of the industries we report on. Instead, I can say it feels damn good to be back and New Rising Media will continue.

We will be at Gadget Show Live in April. We will be at Gamecity. We will be going to as many events as humanly possible to bring the best stories possible.

We will go on. This is New Rising Media. Happy New Year.