5 Hilarious 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' Trailer Spoofs

Knowing the audience of this site, chances are you've already seen the new 'Star Wars: The Force Awakens' trailer, but you may have not seen these awesome parodies.

Launched on November 28th, it's been quite a divisive issue for fans across the globe. From the new-look Lightsaber, to the creative choice to not explore the Expanded Universe with these new films, the debates seem to have no end in sight.

I propose we do something different. Let's drop the discussion/arguments for one weekend and ask different questions with hilarious results: what would the new Star Wars be like if Disney had more creative control? What if J.J. Abrams hadn't learnt his lesson about excessive use of lens flare? What if Michael Bay took the helm instead? Here's 5 hilarious trailer spoofs to Episode 7 (in no particular order).

1. George Lucas' Special Edition

Allow me to paint you a word picture, dear reader. George Lucas is sat at a nondescript giant conference room table within Disney HQ, about to sign over the rights to Star Wars. He hesitates because of the dreams had about continuing the saga and instead takes complete creative control. This is the result of that: "The Dark Side and trade negotiations." 

Either that or this would be (as the title suggests) the revamped edition Lucas will release 20+ years down the line. Whichever story you choose to accept, it results in a wild ride of CGI and way-too-many TIE fighters.

The Dark Side and trade negotiations.


2. If Disney micromanaged Star Wars

Characters wearing Mickey Mouse ears, Goofy Stormtroopers, cameos from Aladdin and Bambi's mum, this film has it all. If you ever thought that Disney's acquisition of the Star Wars license could spell doom for the amazing sci-fi universe, then you are greatly mistaken. This trailer proves there would be no integrity lost in the transition.


3. Directed by Michael Bay

You know the drill whenever somebody uses the name 'Michael bay' with the word 'parody.' Get ready for product placements, bass drops, the use of a Linkin Park soundtrack and, of course, copious explosions peppered with Wilhelm screams.


4. Lens Flare Edition

A while ago, J.J. Abrams apologised for using too much lens flare in his work, admitting it's overkill and promising to improve. Turns out he's not learned that lesson in this parody, blinding the excited viewer with plenty of non-sensical beams of light.


5. The Cage Awakens

Probably the strangest pick on this list (if things weren't strange enough already), the whole Star Wars universe has been infected by Nicolas Cage. Seeing his face everywhere, even as the Millennium Falcon, is nothing short of both hilarious and terrifying.