#NRMPresents 'Halitron.' Kickstarter Project Defeats Gravitational Force With Magnets

Magnetic levitation is fascinating to see and a team from Oxford are bringing this experience to us all with their Kickstarter project called 'Halitron.'

The idea is simple on paper, but so much more complex with deeper exploration: using carefully placed and mathematically calculated circular magnets, you can place a spinning top in the middle of the magnetic field and watch it levitate. With the opposing magnetic forces, what you're essentially doing is trapping the top in mid air, defeating Earnshaw’s theorem.

You can also spin said top in what is a great demonstration of the laws of physics in action, allowing you to experiment not only with traditional Earth physics but also visualise gravity in space.

Selected as a 'Staff Pick' by Kickstarter, they're currently at just over £4,000 with 8 days to go. It's a fascinating gadget, perfect for anyone looking to mess with gravity.