Mogees Turns Everyday Objects Into Musical Instruments


Ever looked at the household objects around you and thought to yourself "what would that sound like as a musical instrument?" Not really a question you think about, but one that definitely came up in my younger music nerd days! 'Mogees' looks to answer that question with a rather innovative piece of kit.

Invented by Islington-based researcher Bruno Zamborlin, 'Mogees' consists of an intuitive app for iOS or Android and a small sensor, which has been in the works since 2012. This detects vibrations through any surface you choose to stick it on, analysing the acoustic properties so as to make them musical. Using the device is extremely simple too, simply requiring you to plug it into your smartphone and placing it somewhere. After that you're away!

From the melodically 'tinny' sounds of a cooker hob, to the airy texture of a balloon, this opens the door to some interesting new musical experiences to more people than those well adept to computer programming, like this individual who made music out of vegetables. Thinking of the possibilities is rather endless: attaching it to yourself to see what you sound like peaks the interest!

The creative and musical dimensions that Mogees adds to life - whether planned or improvised, professional or novice - makes for exciting, creative musical experiences.

Currently over halfway towards it's Kickstarter goal of £50,000 (£26,732 at the time of writing this), it's clear to see the keen interest in exploring your surroundings in a surprising and exciting way like this. 

It's going to be good to see how this plays out.