Post-Apocalyptic Fairytale 'The Reverie' Asks "Are We Alone At The End Of The World?"

The Reverie film.jpg

'The Reverie' has been receiving a great amount of attention over the past 3 days on Kickstarter, moving along nicely towards its funding goal and being selected as a "Staff Pick." This short film set in the wake of an unnamed catastrophe has shown our appetite for independent projects from talented people, refusing to let the British film industry fall into the ironically dystopian plains of big budget cinema pleasers.

To those who doubt, we get it. The moment someone drops the words "post-apocalyptic" into a conversation, you're immediate reaction is to expect another dud in the large wave of popular 'end of the world' mediocrity. However, you never really connect this with the terms "fairytale," or "human magnetism."

'The Reverie,' written & directed by Sam Wildman, tells the story of Amy, a teenage girl who is exploring the forests of South England, hanging onto a hope there is someone else alive. To find this inescapable sense of companionship, she clings onto a radio, perfectly nailing a metaphor for our over-reliance on technology & modern living.

It also conveys the universal struggle of chasing a dream, that glimpse of something that we desire that drives us to chase it. To outsiders, it maybe impossible (hello New Rising Media) but it's something you put everything on the line for, taking daring risks with your life to see it flourish.

So far, the project has received £2,970 of the required £4,800 (60% funding in just three days). What is quite clear is that in a time when people have grown tired of the over abundance of 'post-apocalypic' films, TV shows & games, but they want something truly unique and individual to rise above this parapet. And from seeing just a brief glimpse, I'm excited for it to do so as well.

Here's to a new way to see the end of the world.