Germany Creates Robot Strippers. Skynet Brings Sexy Back

Germany's Tobit Software has built robot pole dancers as their own booth babes at the country's CeBIT computer expo. Truly innovative work, which shows just what humans think of doing when they have incredible technological capability at their finger strippers.

I hear you, dear reader, calling out for more information about these robotic icons of sexual desire. Well at the risk of actively exciting you, these CCTV camera-headed beings creepily swivel and gyrate their metal hips. If there ever was a valid reason for our future robot masters to rise up and take over the planet, this would be the starting point.

Available for the low low price of $39,500 each, these have been in the works (and exhibited) before, but this year they've been updated with "more colour" and "bigger breasts," according to the Tobit representative.

This may attract people to come over to see your stand, Tobit. But in the grand scheme of reactions you want the crowd to have at your robotic creations, from amazement to terror, this just leaves us absolutely dumbfounded.

Good job.