Welcome Back. We've Missed You

It's been a long time in the making.

One all-encompassing transition in life, one failed relationship, one personal realisation of self-loathe and one recognition of transformation. All has led me on a rather cyclical journey through lacking the energy to focus on keeping this alive, bordering on surrender & killing New Rising Media, and the understanding that my own ambitions for this has changed.

Simply put on this, the third anniversary of this website, I can confirm with re-ignited energy and passion that New Rising Media is not dead, it's simply evolving. And if I may be given a moment of your time, dear reader, I would like to explain what this evolution means for what you will see here from now on.

The more things change, the more they stay the same.

What is the 'new' New Rising Media?

As you may have spotted from previous content, this change was spoken about a lot without much specificity, meaning (without a more blunt way of stating this) I had no idea. My masterful procrastination had the best of me to the point where I can talk about making the effort, but never actually do so. Many of you also know what this is like, and many of my friends had plenty of advice to kick this habit. None worked, as I posted a second blog outlining a poorly thought-out plan for the return of NRM with no intention thereafter to carry on.

My priorities changed, and what inspired me had changed, meaning that the status quo bored me to the point where there was no point in writing about it. The goals were antiquated, so it's time for a much needed update. However, contrary to what my initial belief was, this change of strategic intent has not equated to the paradigm shift in content topics and tone of voice. The more things change, the more they stay the same.

I have a firm belief that an innovation culture has the ability to capture an entire generation, and propel this planet forward into the future. It's not just a buzzword used by businessmen pitching an idea, while giving off too strong of an odour of aftershave. Key moments can be plotted throughout history, irregardless of the ulterior motives behind them, that have connected us all, crossed borders of race or gender, and made us dream; even if for that one solitary moment.

Does this move us toward a positive future for us? I don't know, and the fact nobody has a definitive answer to that question both excites and terrifies me. But through exploring the crossing point between technological innovation and liberal arts, it is a question that I aim to pursue with New Rising Media.

We have and will continue to discover what fascinates us as human beings in the areas of technology, science, music, movies & games, while indulging the pure fact that we are simply a bunch of nerds writing about what we love.