The Plan For New Rising Media

"In every aspect of life, have a game plan, and then do your best to achieve it" - Alan Kulwicki

So here I sit on the balcony at my flat, drinking cider and eating pepperoni pizza to perfectly accompany the arrival of summer: an ideal place to write the second part of New Rising Media's return.

And the renaissance of my aspirations in this brand begin with a simple questions: what's the plan? 

For those of you who have read NRM for a while now (thank you by the way), you've probably witnessed the website go through many different identities. From a simple blog for nerds to report obsessively about the most obscure of technology and science, to the a broader mission of celebrating new media, technology and general inventions being created purely for the cause of moving the human race forward, the mission has grown up with me and my own tastes.

So maybe I should do the same; refrain from rocking the metaphorical boat and continue to make New Rising Media a natural extension of what fascinates me and my audience. But what needs to remembered is the much more important factor in this decision: you, dear reader. It's because of you that I have had the pleasure of interviewing the writer of Half-Life, the amazing experience of covering The Gadget Show.

The awe-inspiring impact of having your words read by thousands is nothing short of incredible, and I will never take the opportunities I am privileged with for granted because of this blog I started one drunken summer night at my University house.

So the choice is easy: New Rising Media will be a celebration of opportunity. It will be a unique place to find what is new and undiscovered in the realms of technology, science, music, movies and games, within this great nation of Britain. And by this I don't mean adopting a 'Britain First' ideology, as we are a country built on a long heritage of multicultural roots, which I feel should be appreciated for the appreciated for the amazing innovations we bring to the table.

As of now I am looking for writers, photographers, videographers, anyone who would like to help please get in touch:

Thank you to everyone who has ever read New Rising Media. I will now finish enjoying this bottle of cider and savour this final slice of pizza.