Do You Want To Be A Jedi? This Armband Could Replace Your Mouse With The Power Of The Force

 We've seen plenty of hands-free gadgets that are aiming to kill the mouse when it comes to computer control. Myo, an armband from startup Thalmic Labs is the latest in this long line of motion controllers, but what it does makes all the difference. 

Sensors on the device track the motion and electrical activity in a person's arm meaning it can not only figure out your arm movements, but also your specific hand gestures, all without the need for a camera constantly watching (hello Kinect). The armband then takes this data and "transmits it over Bluetooth to communicate with your favourite digital devices," according to the press statement.

What does this mean for you? With pre-programmed commands, you can do many Minority Report-esque feats of control, such as clicking your fingers to play music.

Available in black or white.

Available in black or white.

The one-size-fits-all Myo armband is available for pre-order, and will work with Windows, Mac, iOS or Android devices when it ships in September.

Check out the Myo in action in this concept video from below: