Procrastination Is A Bitch. Resurrection Is Tricky

With yet another month passing with no posting, it is time to kick the procrastination bug that many of you will be familiar with.

The difficulty is generic in the sense of its original issues: the balance of work & life, personal problems and time consumption with other pressing matters, leading to the general desire to binge on Netflix over anything productive. General reparations have been underway in my life since Download Festival, which was enjoyable in some areas while eye-opening in others, providing a new perspective of the people I know and myself.

If there is one key lesson I have learnt from these past 30 days, except for the obvious ones (takeaway Nando's is a gift from God, England never apply pressure onto the opposition in any World Cup situation, in terms of metal musicality SiKTH continue to be ahead of fellow bands within the genre (even after being apart for the best part of 8 years)), it's that talking about or making excuses for yourself is secondary, as your actions have already spoke the truth.

My reasons for procrastinating, as well as your own in whatever situation you may find yourself in, are all excuses. You know exactly who you are and what you need to do to move beyond that mental block. It's not going to be easy, but it simply must be done. The moment you realise this, the opportunistic actions of your former self, the better traits of your personality and the comfort in solitude while focussing on your passions will return.

I wish the answer was clearer, as my multitude of Google searches into the areas of 'moving on' and 'not procrastinating' will prove, but it just comes with time; the duration of which can be controlled rather easily with your own determination, irregardless of the steps many wikihow articles tell you to take.

With this self-discovery, it would just be idiotic to not share with you, dear reader, and make a weekly list of what apps/songs/techniques/etc help absolve me of procrastination. Look forward to the first installment of "Kill Procrastination" on Monday 28th July. Beyond this, I am working with two new contributors to bring some regularity to posting on here, and to help with some exciting new ideas (put simply, podcast).

My trust in people and faith in myself may have deteriorated since recently, but this is no excuse to procrastinate from my passion, and neither should you let the errors of others get in between you and the pursuit of your aspirations.

New writers. New videos. New beginning. Let's do this.