'VISR' Let's You Step Into Virtual Reality Without Spending A Fortune

Is there a way to make Virtual Reality an experience for everyone? The answer to that question may reside in Hull with VISR, which is aiming to create the most affordable VR experience while not compromising on quality.

We took a look into this area, testing the Samsung Gear VR at Gamecity9, and Google are exploring the budget space with Cardboard. So what makes this so different? The keys above these are materials used and price.

The Gear VR comes in at £150, whereas £15 will get you a VISR, ten times less. And instead of being made of cardboard like Google's aforementioned service, the bespoke design of this headset is made from a laminated corrugate with high durability and includes high quality lenses much akin to what you would find in Oculus Rift headsets or Sony's Project Morpheus.

The experience is as easy to set up as slotting your phone into the front and manipulating the adjustable lenses to optimal viewing (even works for those who wear glasses), then you're ready to sink your teeth into the large amount of content available, with more rolling out every day. 

"I want to build a community of people who care about the VR industry at a grassroots level," Louis Deane, co-founder of VISR VR commented on his Kickstarter video. "I think that if we pledge together to own this sector of the industry, then we have the ability to change the future and change VR forever."

As of writing this, the project has raised over £3,500 with over 3 weeks left to go. What has been clear over the past few months of innovation in VR is that the world's ready for it. People want to step into virtual reality, whether it's for hardcore gaming or just a 5 minute perusal, and the technology industry is responding to that. If this gets funding and goes into production, this could form a seriously disruptive piece of kit, which will make the technology accessible to all.

It's the democratisation of an otherwise isolated experience, complete with the knowledge of a premium quality build and ease of access for everyone. I can't be more excited to see what comes of this.

Jason England