Mouffe Turns Your Tent Into A Video Game. Festivals Will Never Be The Same Again

Ever had that awkward moment at a festival where you miss the comfort of playing video games on your own? The 40 cans of Strongbow you bought and the general antics of fellow campers on copious amounts of drugs may beg to differ. But if you do, then allow me to introduce you to Mouffe: a gaming system that turns the inside of your tent into the screen and your quilt into the controller.

This daydream simulator projects abstract animations on the walls, all of which can be controlled by buttons sewn into the quilt. The game doesn't have a concept to "win" or gain achievements on, you just simply sit back, relax and play.

The project has certainly won hearts and minds, gaining award selections at the likes of Indiecade last year, and with the extra funding from IndiegogoMouffe certainly has a bright future.

Plus anything to make the camping experience at Leeds Festival more bearable is fine by me!