Watch What Happens When You Give Penguins An iPad

What happens when you give some Magellanic penguins an iPad? Turns out it keeps them in peak health condition, while also providing you with this pretty fascinating (and cute) video from Cool Hunting.

At California's Aquarium of the Pacific, resident aviculturist Sara Mendel experimented with the idea by giving the penguins an iPad playing the Games for Cats app. "I was pretty new to the position so I decided, ‘I wonder if they’ll play with this game?’" Mendel comments in the video. "And I put it down and he just starting biting it and messing with it."

Anderson and Heidi loved playing on them, but Mendel also said this gave the perfect opportunity to check on the animals' health, using the iPad as a distraction to look at their flippers. By all means, do not take this as a literal learning for humans; messing with your obsessed teen's hand while playing Call of Duty isn't the smartest of moves.

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