Enter 'The World Of The Willows.' New Crowdfunded Thriller Shows How Life Ends At 20

In what appears to be another low budget sci-fi/thriller, 12 students from the University of the West of England are making The World of The Willows, a film that could be lumped into the same amateur bracket of many student short films. This, however, could not be further from the truth.

We meet a world where everyone over 20 has been taken by a mysterious and unknown creature. The film revolves around Casey, a 19 year old who is three days away from reaching that treacherous age, ensuring that her two younger sisters are Amber and Elly are able to survive without her. Taking inspiration from the likes of The Walking Dead and War of the World, it's easy to see the narrative will not be one to disappoint.

The film is dream child of Daniel Morgan and Nathan White, written over the course of 3 months out in the wood of New York State. What surprised me is the premium construction of all the world around them including the 3D modelled mothership, which personally could rival District 9.  Add a preference for an electronic score rather than orchestral, creating a greater sense of eeriness & encapsulate the feel of a sci-fi genre, and you're onto a winner.

Overall I would definitely recommend this film to anyone wanting to use an action packed 20 minutes rather than just wasting it in front of Dave.  Whilst still in pre-production, the Kickstarter has achieved over two times the crowdfunding goal. I would keep my eyes peeled for something coming into film festivals later this year.