Short Film 'Borders of the Imagination' Brings Imaginary Friends To Life In Oppressive America

What if your imaginary friends (and nightmares) became a reality? This is an interesting question that short film Borders of the Imagination plans to answer with backing on Kickstarter, in a story that sounds like a meta-commentary about political pressures on intolerance.

Would the world react well to their presence on Earth, or will the Government act to stop this so-called imagination immigration? In Trump's America, we would stop everything until we could "figure out what the hell is going on." But in this alternate America, created by Director Reuben Meltzer and Writer Ben Friedman, we see the reality of this ultra-conservative nation. 

Borders of the Imagination tells the story of Joe, a rookie agent at the III-Z, "the Illegal Imaginal Internment Zone" (or triple-eye-zee), which is a big detainment camp in the desert for imaginary friends (known as Imaginals) who were unable to attain legal status in the USA (sounds familiar).

Joe's first day on the job will introduce him to a lot of challenges, as gun-slinger Rick takes him on a tour of some of the darker realities of a system designed to keep the human imagination under control.

They created an amazing short trailer, which you can see after the break. With a day left and under $4,000 left to back, we really hope this happens!