Vince Grant - My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me EP Review

In a deep exploration of his own depression, Vince Grant has created his debut EP, fittingly called My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me. However, he hasn't just recorded his own coping mechanism, this is a really enjoyable listen for anybody who enjoys the likes of REM and Manic Street Preachers.

Moving to LA from his hometown of Chicago and busking on Venice Beach, he was quickly recruited by various bands, playing gigs and touring. However, these were not to last as drug and alcohol problems derailed him. With no end in sight, going through psychiatric medication and being diagnosed as bipolar, Vince began self-medicating with heavy drinking and street drugs.

So why do I bring up a personal story like this in an EP review? Seems a bit deep for an opinion piece about a piece of audial entertainment. One word: timing. My Depression Is Always Trying To Kill Me was written and recorded following a successful recovery from these vices. Through everything from the wistful instrumentation and slow-moving tempo, to the clearly confrontational lyrics about his past, the storytelling is clear in every element.

With an over-reliance on a single sound without much exploration beyond the confines of genre conventions, it's not going to be for everyone. But for those who are entranced by acoustic/alternative, you will feel right at home.  

What we have here is a personal journal of his life experiences; an intimately empowering form of therapy that we are all invited to listen in on. 7/10