This smart projector works in any light bulb socket, and could be the future of the smart home

The smart home has always been an expensive prospect, especially when it comes to home theatre systems. Beam could be the Android-powered projector to change your mind, that fits into any standard light bulb socket. And after raising the full $287,000 (£186,393) in just three days, the excitement is clear.

With Beam, you can run apps, steam media through the likes of AirPlay, and create 'If This Then That' tasks to make the project work for you. Load up Netflix as soon as you walk into the living room, or set an alarm clock to wake you up with the morning news.

The beauty is in the design and the compatibility with any light socket, making for some a long list of interesting options for use. Project cooking how-to videos in the kitchen while cooking? Check. Flick through your photo gallery, all projected from a living room desk lamp? All possible.

This makes for a fascinating new piece of kit, which was available if you pledged between $349 and $399 (£230 and £260). They're all gone, but it does give you a good idea of what the price could be when the Beam ships in October.