Open Bionics at the Wearable Technology Show

Can you improve the human body beyond the rate of evolution? Open Bionics have an interesting answer to this question.

It's a task scientists everywhere are trying to conquer with technology, but all seem to leave something out: amputees. Roboticist Joel Gibbard and his team are looking to resolve this by adding innovation to prosthetics. 

At a ground level, Open Bionics have the simple mission of bringing prosthetic limbs to everyone, bringing it down to a low enough cost for anybody to afford having more than a hook. This is achieved through 3D printing.

The fascinating potential they showed at the Wearable Technology Show wasn't the healthcare innovation, but rather the presentation of them as a fashion statement. Grace Mandeville is a YouTuber who celebrates the popularity of diverse prosthetics, who modelled an arm you'd expect to see in a modern-day version of Saturday Night Fever

With the amazing ideas of the future Samantha mentioned when talking to me, I'm excited to see what Open Bionics bring to the table throughout the next few years.