Sci-fi short 'The Drone' looks to tell the story of near future Britain under constant surveillance

The Drone, a thought provoking short that could be the Orwellian future as we know it, is looking for funding to be brought to life.

This Kickstarter piece is a short film based around the concept of a society completely under surveillance.  This near-future setting is closer than we think, as we are already watched on CCTV every 2 minutes.

Whilst nearing the end of pre-production, the film does not have a trailer yet. However with a video showing a lengthy and detailed introduction, complete with snippets of the crew’s showreels, we are given an insight into what the quality of the film could be.

The Drone revolves around work obsessed Leon, a qualified surveillance officer; who outside of his job lives an isolated life, however all this changes when he encounters Maya and begins to intrude and explore Maya’s world with the help of his drones.  The result of this means that the audience has a chance to see how this change in our world might affect society and the human spirit; but also has a chance to see the personal story of Leon and how his life could potentially be changed.

With an interesting concept and great introduction to the film, this will be a success. No pun intended but ‘keep watching’ for updates.