Watch this amazing Star Wars anime short 'TIE Fighter'

If you watch one thing today, make sure it's 'TIE Fighter:' an incredible Star Wars short film with the shading of a classic '80s anime and a story focused on the Empire's domination.

Created by Paul Johnson, this dialogue-free short is a visceral retelling of a space dogfight between the Imperial and Rebel forces, which has been strongly influenced by the 1994 PC video game of the same name. 

Beyond the sheer awesome action of it all, the accuracy and love shown to the original Star Wars fiction is amazing. From the use of an Immobilizer 418 Interdictor-class cruiser stopping the rebels from getting away (giving them a reason for stopping to fight a superior force), to the individually detailed characteristics of the fighters (X- and Y-Wing starfighters with shields and TIE craft without, but more agile for it), you can't help but be impressed at the homework Paul has done.

"Don't support me on Patreon, because I don't have one!" Johnson commented in the video description. "And don't donate to my Kickstarter, because I don't have one of those either. Instead, if you enjoyed this, give someone at your workplace, uni, school or whatever a random bar of chocolate or can of Coke or something. Seriously, it'll probably make their day. That would totally make my day."

If there was ever a way to apply for a job at Lucasfilm, this is one hell of a CV. A new bar has been set on Star Wars fan films.


Jason England