Watch this James Bond animated short: an amazingly brutal bootleg

We all know that James Bond is timeless, as the secret agent who remains the same age throughout the decades. But what would happen if the 1960s version of 007 grew old into a senior citizen, trying to stay relevant in a "self absorbed and impersonal modern world?"

One week after making headlines for his incredible Power Rangers reboot, Adi Shankar is back with another Bootleg, James Bond: In Service of Nothing, starring a pretty funny (at times) mock Sean Connery. The film has been taken down by MGM on various sites, and Adi has gone on record to say he will not be putting it back up on YouTube out of respect for the source material. Luckily we found a version.

“In a lot of ways this is a cautionary tale for what we do as a society constantly, over and over again, which is empower people then take it away and then act shocked when it blows up in our faces," Adi commented. "We’re empowering and weaponizing a trigger-happy alcoholic with mommy issues.”

This animated short reminds me a lot of Sin City in style and artistry, and tells the story of a Bond who can't let go of his past, even when he's forced into retirement and had his licence to kill revoke.

Sometimes you need a different medium to tell a different story, compared to the same formula which has been followed relentlessly for years. This amazing short film proves that, giving you an amazing insight into an elderly man who refuses to give up his past to an almost psychotic extent.

It's incredible. Watch it now.