EE is giving all customers a portable charger

Disappointed about the loss of your Wednesday weekly cinema offer? Hopefully EE can soften the blow by offering all of their customers a free portable charger, which you can walk into store and pick up from Thursday 16th April.

Branded the "Power Bar," the system works a lot like the portable battery stands you find in festivals. From the 16th, text 'POWER' to 365 to claim your code, go to your nearest EE store and get your charger. Whenever the 2600 mAh battery is depleted, you can either charge it yourself or nip back into the store to pick up a fully fuelled Power Bar.

Out of all the incentives mobile networks are kicking off to attract customers, this seems to be one of the more practical.

“Almost everyone’s experienced the frustration associated with running out of battery and it always seems to happen when you need your phone the most." Phillipa Dunn, Chief marketing officer at EE commented. "With EE Power, we’re trying to help by giving our customers a Power Bar that can simply be swapped for a fully charged one at any of our stores, at any time, for free.”