Top 5 best mods for Grand Theft Auto V

When PC gamers warmly welcomed Grand Theft Auto V on April 14th, the modding community exploded. With all kinds of unique mods from the convenient life-savers to the hilariously insane, I've decided to countdown my top five favourites of the hundreds of options.

So, in no particular order...

1. GTA + Goat Simulator = Chaos

As part of Script Hook V*, you can make many changes to your character and their abilities including unlimited ammo, invincibility and (more oddly) changing your character entirely to one of many animals. Usually, this wildlife is limited to either NPCs in the ocean or temporarily playable characters via the Peyote locations. This makes getting to that stage a bit simpler, and more hilarious as you can cause havoc as a whale in the city of Los Santos.

*: bare in mind pretty much all mods require Script Hook V, as this will unlock the game's code. Download this first before you try to add any mods.

2. Pedestrian Riot

Remember that famous cheat on GTA: San Andreas, which turned all the pedestrians into a city-wide riot? Well now you can relive this in GTA V courtesy of the Ped Riot/Chaos Mode mod. Look around you as the streets descend into chaos, much a like any time Nottingham Forest and Derby Country play each other in the Championship.

3. Animals can't report crime

I get it. The title for this one sounds a bit silly, but did you know that wildlife are listed as a type of witness in GTA V's game code? This means that in a hypothetical situation that you kill all the people in an immediate area, if a random deer spots the act you'll become when did animals learn to report things to the authorities?! This logical piece of script works to reverse that, so that you can't get ratted on by a cat for that prostitute you took out.

4. Revisit North Yankton

Your old bank robbing grounds of North Yankton are limited to a short opening scene and a church shoot-out, both of which you can't explore your surroundings at all. That is until now, as you can now load up the small winter town and go explore! Worth taking a look at, specifically for the alien under the bridge, which you have little-to-no time to find during the opening mission.

5. Your gun shoots cars as missiles

Finally, do you ever feel the in-game weapons lack any real firepower? Maybe a Vehicle Cannon will help, and yes, it does exactly as the name suggests. Aim and shoot cars as bullets, causing a cacophony of beautiful destruction. Definitely a true favourite.