14 year old filmmaker terrifies with horror spectacle 'Hostile'

When I was 14, I was too busy revising Shakespeare and algebra for my exams. Nathan Ambrosioni isn't your average 14 year old, as he has been busy directing a frighteningly good looking horror film that will be shown at the Cannes film festival.

The film is based on Meredith Langston, who has always longed for children and her dream comes true when she adopts two young teenage girls. What seems like a dream soon spirals into a nightmare when the two girl’s behaviour becomes increasingly strange and she struggles to cope. Reaching out for help she looks to two journalists working for a local TV station.

However, when they find another presence amongst who knows what will happen? This atmospheric looking horror film has all the iconic imagery that a found footage horror needs, figures in the background.

Jolty, unsteady camera work making the audience feel uneasy even just in the trailer (well I did). Look out for the full feature later this year.