Kung Fury is the greatest 80s movie of all time

What elements do you need to make the perfect film? Turns out Kung Fury found this out by combining kung fu, vikings, ninjas, dinosaurs, time travel, Nazis, explosions and David Hasselfoff.

Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, Swedish VFX artist and music video director David Sandberg has created this incredible homage to the 1980s cop movie, releasing it for free on YouTube. Embrace the visceral experience of an over-the-top action comedy starring a "super kung-fu cop" who travels through time to kill Hitler and destroy the Nazis. 

17,000 eager donors spent over $680,000 to make this happen, and their money has been rather well spent on one of the greatest 30 minutes of your life. It's pure insanity that you have to watch above.

Also if you want to get into the atmosphere beyond this, you have to check out Hasselhoff's soundtrack "True Survivor."