Augmented reality horror game 'Night Terrors' transforms your house into a haunted house

We know the 'found footage' horror genre is a little played out, but what if there was one set in your own home that you could actually play? Introducing 'Night Terrors:' an augmented reality smartphone game looking for funding on Indiegogo, which looks set to terrify you.

Using a system designed to map your house layout, your phone's flashlight will flicker as you traverse the haunted environment through the rear camera, encountering photorealistic elements and enemies. Just make sure you turn off the lights, or it could be a bit tame!

The plot is simple: find and rescue the girl trapped in the house, while surviving the onslaught of ghosts hiding behind walls and corners (based on the game's recognition of your house's layout).

“3D models are not the way to go with augmented reality right now,” the developer, Novum Analytics, says. “The mobile platforms just aren’t fast enough. You can’t make the elements believable. It’s a bad idea.”

The team have worked on this for the best part of two years, and hopes to use the $70,000 it's seeking to complete it. Expect to see Night Terrors first on iPhone 5 and 6 in June 2016, with Android and Windows Phone versions coming later. Granted that's a long way away, but it's an amazing idea well worth looking into.