Top 10 most exciting games of E3 2015

So E3 has come and gone, bringing with it a storm of new game announcements in one of the best video game expos in recent memory. I'm sure you all have your favourites, but here is my top ten.

10. Final Fantasy 7 Remake

So we start with what many people are actually most excited about out of this list. 20 years after it became a landmark in video game history, Final Fantasy VII is being remade and launched first on PS4. Launch date? No idea, probably 2017-18 based on how incredibly vague the announcement was.

9. Dreams

Little Big Planet was not the first game to bring mod tools or online sharing to consoles (years after the PC), but it was one of the most fluid and creative. Now Media Molecule seems to be taking this to a new level with Dreams, to the point that nobody really knows what it is exactly.

8. Metal Gear Solid V

So it's fair to say my excitement has been more than gradually building for this. In what sounds like one of the most detailed and complex games in recent memory, Kojima's pulling it out the bag again with MGSV, coming this September. It's incredible to see the story begin to get a whole lot darker too.

7. Cuphead

I can hear you now: "Why has an indie game ranked above MGS and FF?!" As the show welcomed countless blockbusters into the mainstream video game conversation, it's been unfortunate to see the excitement for Cuphead become slightly subdues lately. Great to see it's coming soon though, bringing with it the incredible homage to Steamboat Mickey and Disney cartoons of old.

6. No Man's Sky

I've always been a fan of exploring a big open-world, but the size of No Man's Sky is just freaking insane. No description of No Man's Sky is really needed, beyond knowing you're a space explorer making his/her way through an entire universe, consisting of thousands of solar systems.

5. Star Wars Battlefront

We all knew this was going to be an incredible presentation of gameplay, but nobody quite expected the masterpiece of multiplayer gaming we saw. Capturing a lot of what made the original Battlefront great: the scale, diversity and changing tide of the combat, I'm confident Dice can make something special here.

4. Fallout 4

Let's not mince words here: this looks incredible. The obsession to detail, sense of place just from a gameplay trailer and the amount of public excitement added towards me getting truly stoked for Fallout 4 this year.

3. Uncharted 4

Surprised? I can only assume you're not. Naughty Dog have hit the nail on the head again in terms of a truly high-end blockbuster production, nailed in a live gameplay demo. The fact it didn't work at first during the live show worked to prove the point and get people much more excited!

2. Rise of the Tomb Raider

After moving away from the ridiculously big pixellated chest of old, to an amazing title a couple years ago, I'm excited to sink my teeth into Rise of the Tomb Raider. While Uncharted is focussing on blockbuster action, this seems to be adding more dramatic survival moments into the mix.

1. The Last Guardian

Finally, after having my heart wrenched by The Shadow of the Colossus, then promptly having it broken by the imminent cancellation of this title, to see a commitment to finish The Last Guardian over 6 years into it's ropey development is nothing short of incredible news for me.