Amazing Star Wars Fan Film 'Rebel Scum' Goes Back To Hoth

If you're craving for more new Star Wars after The Force Awakensbut can't wait until Rogue One all the way in December, independent studio Blood Brother Cinema Co has got you covered with this amazing nine-minute short film, called Rebel Scum.

This tells the story of a downed Rebel pilot after the battle on Hoth in The Empire Strikes Back, who crosses paths with an injured member of the Galactic Empire. As to not spoil the really clever conclusion, we won't delve into the story any more than that.

What's most impressive is the attention to detail in cinematography and visual effects. Skipping on CGI in favour of a stop-motion AT-AT, and the small moments for emotional character connection to name only two of the great qualities of this. Visually, it fits right in with Empire, all filmed in the sub-zero temperatures of an Alberta, Canada airfield.

Check out the behind the scenes below.