Players Are Recreating The Entire Grand Theft Auto V Map In Minecraft

Minecraft recreations of popular video game worlds are commonplace, from Hyrule to Azeroth. Now, YouTuber N11ck and a his team are working to build the entire map of Grand Theft Auto V.

The project, simply called "GTA 5 in Minecraft," has been underway since January 2015, and carries on to this day. Check out the trailer below, and you can see just how faithful to the real-fake city this blocky recreation is.

N11ck claims in his latest video update that when the project is completed, it will be 7,500 by 7,500 blocks, which any player will know is huge! So far, all we've seen is a portion of the downtown map, but they have a lot of work to crack the northern rural areas and underwater parts too.