Which Superhero Is The Strongest? University Study Finds Out

For decades, nerds have waged war over one simple question - who is the strongest superhero? Students at the University of Leicester have decided to settle this argument with science - conducting a study to find out the strongest of them all.

Countless conversations begin with “my superhero can win in a fight against your superhero,” and Hollywood has even capitalised on it with certified “classics” like Batman V Superman… 

So, the University figured this out by using scientific principles to examine the strength of each hero’s powers. And you’ll never guess who won…

Unsurprisingly, Superman has the greatest chance of winning a fight (as if you need a study to tell you that). But don’t count the rest of your favourite comic book heroes out!

Characters like Thor, Wolverine and Mystique fared pretty well in the study, plus Inhuman’s leader Black Bolt was deemed “the most destructive of the superheroes” because of his voice.

But going back to Batman V Superman, how does the Dark Knight fare? Well…not great. Leicester’s study found Batman to be the most ill-equipped superhero. Great, he’s got all the gadgets, but he’s gliding at a fatally high velocity when using the cape.

However, Batman collects files on every super powered hero and exploits their weaknesses. That’s where I’d question the legitimacy of this study because he would totally win with that info!

So long as you don’t mention “Martha.”