New Rising Media Will Be At CES Unveiled Paris

What is the future of consumer technology? It’s a tricky question, but one I will be finding out at CES Unveiled Paris.

That’s right, New Rising Media has been given the incredible privilege of attending this prestigious show in the world of technology.

Five years of hard work has paid off, and beyond thanking key influential stakeholders for this opportunity, I have to thank you - dear reader. I am thankful for every second you spend reading/watching/generally consuming the content posted on this site.

But let’s get beyond the sentimentality - what’s the plan? Well, the same as any show (subtly blatant hint to check out my work at Gadget Show Live and the most recent TCT Show), I’ll provide extensive coverage of the biggest talking points coming out of the expo.

Not only are there a bunch of amazing companies presenting their latest and greatest gadgets, I will be watching a full presentation about the future of consumer tech, based on market research.

Yes, I know - a presentation sounds boring. But, this is one of the premier points of industry observation. It is a goldmine of data, and it will help further inform us all about what the future holds.

Again, a huge thank you to all of you for helping propel New Rising Media towards getting this opportunity. I will not let you down.