You Can Now Unlock Doors And Computers By Sending Data Through The Human Body

When you think about transferring data, you think about either WiFi or Bluetooth (or infrared if you’re old like me). But a team at the University of Washington have found a way to transfer small amounts of information through the human body rather than over the air.

As the researchers put it in their paper, the human holds two devices - one in each hand. And using the low-frequency electromagnetic transmissions generated by the touch pad of a laptop or a fingerprint sensor, they can use that to transfer small amounts of data.

That unlocks fascinating opportunities both figuratively and literally - you could unlock car doors and smart homes with this small amount of electricity.

That means a new level of security beyond bluetooth locks.

And while you’re not going to be transferring full movies anytime soon (scientists were able to get a data rate of 50 bits per second with laptop touch pads and 25 bits with fingerprint sensors), this is still an incredible achievement.