The Future Of 5G In The UK Starts With Bournemouth - Thanks To Ordnance Survey Smart Map

The Next-generation of smartphones will be defined by 5G and Ordnance Survey have busily started work on creating new data-rich maps, to help mobile providers avoid signal drop-outs across the UK - starting with Bournemouth.

Not to say I’m jealous, but we never get anything first here in Nottingham!

Mappers are working hard to create a high-resolution 3D version of the city, featuring hills, trees, buildings - both present and proposed constructions - and weather cycles. Basically, anything that could potentially interfere with 5G signals.

This gives researchers the chance to test towers in various locations and instantly see how they will fare - giving mobile providers the chance to give better coverage to its customers.

"The purpose is to deploy 5G quickly and efficiently. Linking OS data to spectrum information and meteorological data will deliver faster speeds and better coverage to connected devices, all the while helping keep rollout costs to a minimum,” Andrew Loveless, Ordnance Survey’s commercial director and owner of a rather depressing surname, commented.

If all goes to plan, this work will be “scaled up” to map the entire UK. Don’t expect huge data speeds in the next few years, but maybe in 5-10 years it will be accessible to us.