Someone Is Sharing Music From Paedophile Singer Ian Watkins’ Twitter Account - EXCLUSIVE Interview With One Of The People Mentioned

Someone is using former Lostprophets singer and convicted paedophile Ian Watkins’ Twitter account to promote new music - even though he is currently serving 35 years behind bars for his crimes.

I don’t need to drag up all the details here - chances are you already know them all. The singer was jailed in December 2013, along with a further six on the licence for a serious amount of child sex offences, including the attempted rape of a baby.

These tweets seem to be shares of two previously uploaded songs by Watkins’ L’Amour La Morgue side-project and a recent upload on an account by the name of Megalelz - a spin on Ian’s catchphrase “Mega Lolz.”

I just got the chance to speak to Laim McKenzie - known as @MEGALELZ on twitter - and ask him some quick questions on the situation:

  1. Did you have any part in the tweeting on Ian’s account? Nope. I was genuinely confused when I got the notification yesterday.

  2. Any suspicious of whom it may be? I actually sent him letters a few years ago, March ‘14 - Jun ‘14. He knows who I am, so it’s possible he’s talking to people outside to release him stuff. But other than that, I have no idea.

  3. What kind of responses have you been receiving since your track was favourited by Ian Watkins on Twitter? Bad. A lot of people are liking/retweeting, but there’s the off “nonce,” and “kill yourself” here and there. Oh, and a lot of Russians. Like, a lot.

  4. Do you think the overwhelming Russian response could be a sign as to where the account hack originated from? Not sure. I think he just has a huge following over there still like he used to. is pretty popular for old Lostprophets fans.

  5. And finally, not to say I'm offended, but has your Twitter username caused any sort of offence to people? Oh aye, people are raging. Which is kind of annoying, because I've used this name since like 2009 before any of the gross stuff happened, and I've built a brand around it. So, it's kind of hard to change it now, you know?

So could this be Ian communicating with people via a couple of non-descript tweets, via visitors while in jail? Is he paying his respects to Laim for sending him letters? Or is this just an elaborate hack? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.