Can You Tag Jason? He Lost His Intelligence When Looking At Some Ridiculous Facebook Memes

Let’s not mince words here - I love memes. The intelligence, the wit, the randomness, the dark humour - they provide inappropriate laughter to my otherwise dull day. But the latest trend of “Can you tag *INSERT NAME HERE*? I’m looking for him” is a God awful addition to news feeds across the globe, which needs to disappear.

There’s no humour, no intelligence, no irony and no cultural significance. Just usually a picture of an overweight lady or a gay man that you’re supposed to tag an insecure friend in, in the name of “banter” - a cancerous excuse for horrible humour.

So, what is the meaning of all this? Well, after seeing the 50th image of its kind on my feed, I’m here with a simple request - to all of my friends and readers. Please stop.

Stop collectively harming the intelligence of humanity by reducing humour to culturally insensitive imagery - selected without rhyme or reason - purely to desperately try and force an unfortunate chuckle.

Stop making it easier for social media marketers to rely on you for engagement by commenting on such drivel as this. You can just see brands using this in the future - “Tag Ryan. He needs to buy some chicken.”

Just stop. Trends come and go on Facebook. Please don’t make 2016 end on something like this.