‘Toilet Paper For Smartphones’ Installed In Japanese Airport Bathrooms

Be honest - you use your phone while sat on the toilet… Not the most hygienic of activities. But now, an airport in Japan is staying true to the country’s reputation for cleanliness after installing ‘toilet paper’ dispensers for people to clean their smartphones after bathroom use.

At Narita International Airport in Tokyo, following research that shows mobile phones can often hold more germs than your average toilet seat, they’ve installed ‘toilet paper for smartphones’ into 86 cubicles, to combat the dangers of contamination.

Put in place by Japan’s top telecommunications company NTT Docomo, this smaller version of regular toilet paper doesn’t just help wipe off the germs, it also solves a regular tourist complaint with wi-fi service information printed in English.

Of course, this is one of the minor innovations in the Japanese toilet industry, as many are known to have heated seats, jets of water and air, or even music to cover up the noises you make!