Japanese Students Create Impossibly Complicated Clock That Re-Writes The Time Every Minute

No matter how many smartwatches enter the market, nothing will compare to the mechanical fascination of analogue. Watching all the gears, springs and cogs spinning makes for an almost hypnotic experience. Students at the Tohoku University of Art And Design in Japan have taken note of this, creating incredibly complicated clock that writes out the time.

Over 400 handcrafted wooden components manipulate four arms that write out the time every minute on a cut-down Magna Doodle toy. This was picked so it can be easily erased every time the four magnetic pens update it 60 times an hour; a definite improvement over the standard whiteboard and markers used on past writing clocks.

Before you ask, no you can't buy it. This won't go into production, as it's just a university art project. However, it would make for an interesting living room clock, or a challenge for any Swiss watchmaker to shrink onto your wrist.